• Be Your Own Healer

An Integrative Healer may combine Vibrational healing, Massage, Acupuncture, Acupressure and many forms of Holistic Healing.

Some of these forms that I teach are:


Magnified Healing

Cord Removal Attunement

Crystal Healing




It's also important to know about your Nutritional needs to maintain your health. I can offer insight into those as well...organics, supplements, juicing, fasting, etc.

Classes are scheduled per client. Length of classes depends on the client.

Expenses will be supplies that are consistent with the particular class.

I will only work with one client, couple or small group at a time. So it's important to schedule your appointment well in advance of your visit.


The seed matrix of each human is an essential to understanding our true nature. It is that which gives origin or form in this reality. It is that which carries the energetic vibrations for each physical form. There is much value and significance in the comprehension and clear awareness of energy matrixes. 

It is this master matrix, this seed matrix of each human, which holds the divine blueprint. All records, all emotional experiences, all energetic signatures, are intertwined within this energy weaving. 

It is within this personal seed matrix, this vibrational matrix, that all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances can be restored.

Your hospitals and care givers would proceed very differently if the seed matrix or the energy signature of each patient could be read, scanned and recognized. This would be the first and main area of approach in healing and restoring health to the physical body.

Just imagine having the ability to scan this personal energy matrix, see the areas where there is a tangle in the energetic weavings, or a blockage to the flow of divine life, then gently untangling the threads. 

Once the original pattern has been restored to the master matrix the physical body would manifest this rebalance and alignment. The body's divine integrity would be restored. This is truly sixth dimensional (and beyond) healing work. 

Vibrational medicine works with the matrix in restoring well-being and health. It is all vibration, remember! Each energy matrix has its own sound frequency or frequencies. 

Each human's matrix offers a sound frequency which is in resonance or in tuned with well-being and aliveness, or is in dissonance and out of tune with well-being and aliveness.

There are human beings who have understood this and those who had the ability and awareness to see the energy matrixes. This is a natural ability of all humans who step into the realms of their multidimensional selves. This awakening is happening within the consciousness of humans everywhere. 

Those who offer and serve with energy work, sound, music therapy, and other vibrational practices are facilitating the untangling of emotional or mental patterns held in the matrix. 

Here again, we remind you that energy follows thought and the importance of willingness as well as intention to facilitate this work. Notice today if you are in resonance with your joy, gratitude and appreciation. These vibrations, these feelings, will restore balance and well-bein
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